Britax Makes it Easier to Install Their Car Seats — Find Out Why

Car seats aren’t the easiest things to install. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.  In 2013, Britax made things easier with the introduction of their new ClickTight Installation System — which literally made car seat installs a breeze. The ClickTight was for only two of their models  –  Frontier 90 and the Pinnacle 90.

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This week I attended another Britax event about the ClickTight installation system coming to 3 more of their convertible car seats. britaxnjhAnd now it’s in the Marathon, Advocate, and the Boulevard Convertible Car Seats – which can be used rear-facing from 5-40 lbs or forward facing from 20-50 lbs.

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NOTE: Your child should be kept rear-facing until they are 2 years old, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is a change that happened around a year or so, before that, it was recommended children go forward facing at 1 year.

Kate Clark, Events Manager at Britax showed us how to easily install with ClickTight Installation System: 


The Marathon® ClickTight Convertible Car Seat offers Complete Side Impact Protection with deep, protective shell to absorb crash forces and guard little passengers from debris.

Britax designed the Boulevard™ ClickTight Seat with Complete Side Impact Protection PLUS to also include an energy-absorbing foam headrest to keep children’s heads and necks secure.

The Advocate® ClickTight’s Complete Side Impact Protection MAX delivers the highest level of Britax safety with external cushions that compress, to divert energy away from the child and protect adjacent passengers.

About ClickTight: 

With a quick push and twist of a button, parents simply open the front of the car seat, buckle the seat belt across the labelled belt path and then click shut for a proper installation every time. No shoving, kneeing, yanking – or confusion associated with complicated LATCH limitation requirements – necessary.

For extra protection, Britax also recommends that the tether be used when installing the convertible seat.

“Last year, we invented the game-changing ClickTight Installation System for Britax Harness-2-Booster seats,” said Curtis Strong, Director of New Product Development at Britax. “Now, children can benefit from this enhanced technology from birth through toddlerhood. Families can rest assured that Britax is keeping their children safe and comfortable on every trip.”

This is my video of how to install the Frontier 90 with the ClickTight Installation System:

Thank you to Britax for showing us this game changer. No compensation was received.