Why We Love MiniTime for Planning a Family Trip

MiniTime-logo-square-500x500So, you’re planning a trip with your family. While we can take care of getting your baby’s supplies to your travel destination — you have to start by actually picking a place to go first!

That’s where MiniTime comes in. It’s a free website that is 100 percent dedicated to helping parents plan vacations with kids that are better, cheaper, and less stressful. You’ll find reviews of kid-friendly hotels and attractions written by parents that travel with kids, so you will always find the best recommendations for your family on where to go and what to do with kids on vacation. You can even filter your hotel results by the family-friendly amenities most important to you.

MiniTime also features expert advice about how to plan affordable and fun family vacations with kids, with a community of parents dedicated to sharing their own family vacation experiences so that you can find the best family getaway ideas for your own family.

Whether you’re planning a road trip, city break, adventure trip, or resort getaway with kids, MiniTime can help you save time and money when planning a family trip. Looking for vacation ideas? They’ve got them. Want a family trip plan? Create your own or check out some else’s. We like this site so much that we’ve partnered up with them.  

Find MiniTime on the web at http://www.minitime.com/.
Find MiniTime on facebook https://www.facebook.com/MiniTimeFamily

What websites do you use to plan your family trips?